Subsea and Off-shore Coating Systems

Protect your equipment in the harsh underwater environment

What Is Subsea Coating?

Subsea and Off-shore coating systems combine the benefits of several chemistries to meet the performance requirements of your assets. Combining the barrier protection of a high solids epoxy and the cathodic protection of a zinc creates a solid foundation for an off-shore asset. Adding a polyurethane or polysiloxane keeps the system UV stable and provides and easy to maintain finish. Subsea applications usually require several layers of high-solids epoxy coatings to provide an impermeable layer of protection between the asset and the ocean.

How Does Turner Coatings Subsea Coatings Work?

Combinations of coatings, applied together in a stack, provide a unique profile of protection. A variety of coatings and thicknesses can meet the requirements of even the most difficult coastal, subsea, and off-shore environments.
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Why Choose Turner Coatings for Subsea Coatings

Recoat windows and appropriate curing of each coating in the system is necessary. Turner Coatings tracks the application details and cure time of each coat. When complete, Turner Coatings delivers a detailed Coating Report for your peace of mind.