Polysiloxane Coatings

Ultra-high solids topcoats for when weatherability and performance are key. Offering superior long-term economic and environmental performance.

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What Is Polysiloxane Coatings?

Polysiloxane Coatings refer to a wide range of coatings which chemical make-up include an oxygen backbone (as opposed to carbon). This gives the coatings great resistance to UV making them a popular top coat. Polysiloxanes tend to combine most of the benefits of polyurethanes and epoxies: abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and cleanable.

How Does Turner Coatings Polysiloxane Coatings Work?

To put it simply, they are high solids coatings with a low coefficient of friction. This allows the coating to shed dirt, grime, and water. Keeping the coating fresh and allowing the UV stable chemistry to provide great longevity and physical resistance.

Why Choose Turner Coatings for Polysiloxane Coatings?

A key benefit of Polysiloxane Coatings is the long term cost savings. When applied correctly, over specifically prepped steel, Polysiloxane Coatings provide years of consistent performance. That surface prep is critical. Let Turner Coatings handle the sandblasting, indoors, controlled, consistent.

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