Product selection is a key component of coating performance. Turner Coatings can help assure your engineering needs are met and that these complex coatings are applied to their manufacturer’s specifications.

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Tank Linings

From petrochemical, wastewater, or rail, to food and beverage; Let us help you define and find the right tank liner for you.

Powder Coatings

Electrostatically applied, dry powder coatings are quickly thermally cured. Offering a wide range of colors, finish, hardness, and texture.

Subsea Coating

Our coating will increase assets life and reduce the need for a costly maintenance caused by premature corrosion.

Zinc Systems

Formulated for galvanic protection. Highly corrosion resistant primers for marine, coastal, offshore, and chassis underbodies.

Pipe Linings

Electrostatically applied, high build, thermosetting epoxy coating that melts to a uniform thickness. Perfect for pipe interiors a corrosion resistant coating.

Epoxy Coatings

Versatile, highly chemical resistant, surface tolerant, tough, and tintable. This is the workhorse of a coating system or built to stand alone.

Polyurethane Coatings

Attractive, glossy, UV stable, and easily cleanable. Often used as a finish coat to withstand outdoor sunlight and maintain aesthetics.

Polysiloxane Coatings

Ultra-high solids topcoats for when weatherability and performance are key, offering superior performance.

Thermal Cured Coatings

Thermal Cured Coatings can add enhanced properties and allow for quick turnarounds. Often a cost-effective alternative to the application.

Steel Grit Sandblasting

Steel Grit Blasting is faster, safer, and more precise than traditional sandblasting. Let our experts show you why we're the best.

Non Metallic Media Blasting

We stock alternative medias to meet the needs of Stainless Steel and Aluminum manufacturer’s as well as softer medias for a detailed cleaning.

DTM Single Coat Systems

Solvent or water-based, corrosion resistant acrylics for interior/exterior applications or light industrial use. Great for new construction!
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